The Organic Nutrition Difference

The increasing usage of pesticides, GMOs, and antibiotics in food products is a global health concern.

Enough food is generated worldwide to feed all seven billion people on earth, yet over 870 million people still suffer from chronic hunger - in spite of the fact that at least one third of all food produced is wasted every year. 

The USDA estimates that food production in the United States uses 50% of our land, 30% of all energy resources, and a stunning 80% of all freshwater. 

We must create, implement, support, and expand sustainable alternatives to the way we grow, distribute, and consume food.

Organic Nutrition, Inc. is helping to solve these problems.  Our hydroponic indoor farms will grow sustainable, all-natural, hydroponic leafy greens – locally, year-round. 

Our facilities eliminate the large carbon footprint associated with traditional farms, and provide fresher, longer-lasting produce, without the use of harmful pesticides and GMOs.


Our History

Organic Nutrition was founded in 2009.  Prior to launching our first commercial-scale hydroponic facility, we operated a pilot hydroponic greenhouse in South Florida.

We’ve evaluated several growing systems, growing over 75 different varieties of vegetables and herbs.

Our Research and Development efforts focused on food production, including aquaculture and fish meal alternatives – giving us the background and experience needed for commercial-scale operation.

We focus on local food systems – and are currently constructing a commercial-scale hydroponic facility in South Florida, which will grow sustainable, all-natural, hydroponic leafy greens.

We are committed to providing our local community with fresh, pesticide-free, sustainable, and GMO-free produce.



Operational Milestones

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