Our Controlled Environment Agriculture process works year-round.

Organic Nutrition's facility in South Florida delivers the most efficient way to grow in-demand, fast-turn crops, with low variation in quantity or quality.  Our Hydroponic Farm incorporates industry-leading facility design, layout, and production efficiency.  


Our System

With a Deep Water floating raft system, like the one used by Organic Nutrition, a plant's roots are suspended in a well-oxygenated solution composed of water and nutrients.


Our Product

Our facility will grow over 600,000 pounds of leafy greens each year, with room for expansion. We strive for zero waste by recycling most of our inputs.

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Our Location

Our hydroponic farm is located on a 100+ acre site in the heart of South Florida.  We are near supermarket distribution centers, major cruise ship ports, grocery stores, and nearly 7 million people.