Historically, where food is grown, and where it’s sold and consumed, can be thousands of miles apart – meaning that your produce is days old before it even reaches supermarket shelves!

Not only does this distance impact the freshness of food, it also creates a large carbon footprint.

Our facilities are designed to supply our local communities with fresh produce, helping to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to climate resiliency and sustainability.



Organic Nutrition facilities will produce some the healthiest and best-tasting produce you will ever eat – and we do it locally – by using a hydroponic growing system.

Hydroponics, or soil-less farming, is a rapidly growing sector of the agriculture industry due to its extremely efficient use of space, water and nutrients. 



Our produce will be GMO-free, pesticide-free, and hydroponically grown under carefully controlled conditions. Crops are harvested at the peak of their flavor, and will be delivered directly from our facilities to our local customers - eliminating large carbon footprints and providing fresher, longer-lasting produce.


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