Organic Nutrition knows all about sustainable food production. 


fish meal alternative

Black flies may be pesky…but they are also a unique contributor to sustainable agriculture.

Fish meal made from wild-caught fish is the single most important source of protein to grow farm-raised fish -  but overfishing has forced users to search for sustainable replacement ingredients with comparable nutritional performance. 

We've developed a way to use insects as “biological micro-refineries” – converting discarded food and organic matter into proteins, lipids and organic nutrients to feed fish.

Through years of research, we’ve identified the Black Soldier Fly as the ideal insect for turning food waste into products that grow more food, at a lower cost than traditional methods.  Using the waste resources from growing insects, we can also grow other feed ingredients, like algae, yeast, and bacteria.

Mass producing insects for their nutritional, pharmacological, chemical, and environmental benefits is a new frontier that promises sustainable, low-cost alternatives to current animal feed ingredients and chemical fertilizers.


aquaculture & aquaponics

In addition to refining our hydroponic growing technique, we’ve evaluated and perfected complementary ways to raise fresh fish.   

Aquaculture (farmed seafood) and Aquaponics (combining hydroponics with fish farming) create symbiotic opportunities for Organic Nutrition facilities to combine our areas of expertise.  Using a self-contained growing system, we can use our fish meal alternative to raise fish and micro-greens – using premium, all-natural inputs to grow fresh fish and produce.


organic compost

We may grow greens in water, but we still need soil!  We’ll accept food waste from local retailers to create an organic compost business near the  South Florida Hydroponic Farm.  This compost will enhance our planned on-site Community-Supported Agriculture program.  Plus, it will be a great resource for local landscapers and gardeners.


community Supported agriculture

Organic Nutrition supports innovative agriculture in all forms.  We hope to create a “Pick Your Own” cultivated berries and fruit at our South Florida facility.  We encourage the community to participate in sustainable farming techniques and share the bounty grown in our backyard.